NFL Picks - Week 2 Thursday

Baltimore @ Cincinnati
The Ravens come into this Thursday night game riding a tidal wave of momentum after a 47-3 Week 1 win over the Bills. However, that 44 point margin is a bit of a misnomer. First of all, the game was in Baltimore, and oddsmakers will tell you that a homefield advantage is generally worth about 3 points. Secondly, Buffalo was starting Nathan Peterman at quarterback, which oddsmakers will tell you is generally worth about 30 points. So when you take away their inherit advantages, the Ravens really only won that game by 11 points. That’s still a solid opening effort. In fact, it was the same margin of victory for the Bengals in their win over the Colts in Indianapolis. Clearly that puts these teams on equal footing. Since this game is being played in Cincinnati, and neither team is starting Nathan Peterman at quarterback, it stands to reason that the Bengals will win by 3.

Bengals 23-20

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