NFL Picks - Week 4 Thursday

Minnesota @ Los Angeles Rams
Alright, let’s take a look at what crummy contest they’re shoving down our throats this Thursday ... Whoa! Vikings/Rams?!? This is a triple P special (Possible Playoff Preview) and we’re getting it on a Thursday. That’s borderline shocking. But is it too good for TNF? We all like to complain about how lousy the Thursday night match-ups are, but now that we have a good one it almost feels irresponsible on the league’s part. This game could help determine playoff seeding in the NFC and it’s being played on a short week when neither team is likely to be at their best. Of course, that argument, and the Vikings’ playoff aspirations, took a bit of a hit on Sunday when they were blown out by the Bills in Minnesota. Sure it’s only one game, but beforehand Buffalo looked to be the worst team in the league, and remember this is a league in which Sam Bradford was a starting quarterback for the first 3 weeks. As it stands now it’s fair to wonder if the Vikings are who we thought they were. Meanwhile the Rams are rolling, and appear to still be at least a few weeks away from being torn asunder by their myriad character issues. Both of their starting cornerbacks are out for this one, so the point total could go up, but I still expect LA to stay undefeated.

Rams 27-24 


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leggo Vikings defensssssssssse #livelaughloveleague