NFL Picks - Week 3 Thursday

New York Jets @ Cleveland

A lot of people have poked fun at this match up, calling it atrocious, putrid, or an affront to the American people. But I, for one, will proudly watch this game. Is it because I would likely watch any NFL game on a Thursday due to the fact that I’m a cretin? Yeah, probably. But also I’m fascinated by the Browns. After last Sunday when they missed a go-ahead PAT and a game-tying field goal all within the last 1:16 of their loss to the Saints I’m now convinced that they’re allergic to winning. My first clue was when they went 0-16 last season. And then their opening week tie and blown chances in New Orleans really hammered it home. But these close calls show that Cleveland in sniffing around a win, and come Thursday, they may have picked up a scent. Browns win!  

Browns 20-16

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