NFL Picks - Week 14 Thursday

Jacksonville @ Tennessee
The Titans remain in playoff contention after scoring a late touchdown to complete a comeback win over the Jets last week. However, I’m of the belief that any team who needs to overcome a 16 point deficit to beat the Jets should be disqualified from 2018 playoff consideration. Of course, Tennessee will most likely take care of disqualifying themselves soon enough. Looking ahead at their remaining schedule: Jacksonville, @ NY Giants, Washington, and Indianapolis, I could see the Titans winning or losing all of those games. Guess we’ll have to watch them all to find out! You guys want to come over to my place for them? I’d say we could do your place but last time you said your building wouldn’t allow TVs, which is weird because I always see you tweeting about Manifest, and I just don’t get how you’d be able to watch that show if you don’t have a TV. Anyway, let me know by kick-off!

Titans 23-16

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