NFL Picks - Week 6 Thursday

New York Giants @ New England
Look, I have nothing against Daniel Jones, he seems like a nice young man. That being said, I very much hope that he suffers some sort of injury that forces him out of this game. Nothing serious, maybe just a sprained ankle or a case of the runs. Whatever the ailment, it has to happen, because we, as a people, need to see Eli vs. the Patriots one more time. Imagine if he were to beat New England, and then the Pats win out, so that Eli spoils another perfect season for them. Are you imagining it? Hold it, why is Eli only wearing tighty whities and shoulder pads in your visualization? Also he looks a lot more jacked than he really is. This feels weird now, maybe this was a mistake ... Aw man, now you have him spanking Tom Brady with a Super Bowl 42 program?!? And why is Brady smiling? Ok, this is too much. Forget it. Daniel Jones plays the whole game and New England wins. I blame this on you. 

Patriots 30-10

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