NFL Picks - Week 8 Thursday

Washington @ Minnesota 
Earlier this week ESPN’s Bottom Line ticker reported that Adrian Peterson is dealing with “multiple ankle sprains.” So two, right? You can’t have more than two ankle sprains can you? So then why didn’t ESPN just say “two ankle sprains”? Guys, I think Adrian Peterson has a third ankle, and it is also sprained. I finally understand how Peterson has been able to make such amazing cuts and maneuvers to evade tacklers all these years, it’s the extra ankle! Though, with that extra ankle comes added risk of injury, and we’re seeing that downside right now. If Peterson isn’t able to go against his former team, Washington could be in serious trouble. But if Peterson can get all three of his ankles in shape to play on Thursday ... Washington will still be in serious trouble. They are straight up lousy, and the Vikings seem to be hitting their stride offensively. Sure, it’s a standard two-ankled stride, but it’s effective nonetheless. 

Vikings 31-10

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