NFL Picks - Week 9 Thursday

San Francisco @ Arizona 
The Cardinals acquired running back Kenyan Drake from the Dolphins this week in an effort to bolster their banged up running back group. I’ve heard of going from the outhouse to the penthouse, but this is more like going from the outhouse to ... a nicer bathroom. Sure there’s running water and it doesn’t smell quite so bad, but it’s still a bathroom, and that’s hard to forget. Speaking of, the Niners continue to crap on every team in their path, and their reign of terror figures to continue on Thursday. With a loss Arizona would fall to 3-5-1 and be forced to take a long look in the mirror and figure out where they're headed for the remainder of 2019. But hey, at least they have a mirror to look into. In the outhouse there’s just a drawing of a guy that hopefully looks a bit like you. 

49ers 27-9

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