NFL Picks - Week 7 Thursday

Kansas City @ Denver
After consecutive home losses everyone is asking “What’s wrong with the Chiefs?” The answer is simple: Patrick Mahomes’s gimpy ankle. The real question should be: “What’s right with the Broncos?” They’ve won in back to back weeks after an eight game interseasonal losing streak. Not only that, but they shutout of the Titans last Sunday. Maybe first year head coach Vic Fangio finally has this defense on the right track! Maybe they’ve found their identity! And most importantly for this week, maybe Patrick Mahomes’s ankle still hurts! If all of that proves to be true, then Denver could absolutely pull the upset here. However, if we find out that none of those things are true then don’t be surprised to see the Chiefs roll. And don’t be surprised if I’m not here when you get home Broncos. You swore you’d never lie to me again, and you’ve had too many last chances already. I’m taking the kids, if you need me I’ll be at my sister’s. 

Chiefs 24-20

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