Back in Black

Yo! I'm back in New York and I'm back on the blog, and the Yankees are back in the World Series. The hosts of this site reached out to me as a natural choice as World Series correspondant. The Yankees played in the World Series 3 out of my 4 years spent in New York and haven't been back in 6 years. Now, all of the sudden, I come back to the Empire State and the Yankees are back in the World Series. You're welcome ya stinkin gavones.

My prediction for this series: Yankees in 6. A-Rod is MVP. Just a perfect scenario that we'd all love to see play out. My real hope for this series is that they show Kate Hudson a bunch and then she takes a liner right to the face. When she finally gets up she'll look like Goldie Hawn.

Anyhow, I'll be heading over to Mickey Mantle's to watch the game with my favorite people in the world: drunk Yankees fans.

I knew I should've packed my Yankees Suck shirt.


Mr. F said...

Get to the stadium Shouldnt you have media pass?

Erik said...

Pete, I look forward to the outstanding coverage. Meanwhile, I'll be covering the less publicized Consolation Freeway Series. Game 1 is tomorrow at 2AM.