NFL Picks Week 8

Well I honestly hadn't planned on doing another one of these posts, but after nailing the IND-STL game on the nose (42-6) I feel I owe it to myself and the shitload of readers to keep this thing going at least one more week. Not to mention that I went 10-3 in terms of straight up winners and losers which is better than most of the "experts" at ESPN and Fox Sports. Need another reason? My pick NE 34, TB 9; actual score NE 35, TB 7. Look if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm doing picks again this week because damn it, I earned it!

Early Games:

Houston @ Buffalo

The past few weeks Houston has proved that they're not awful, while Buffalo has had two excruciating wins and proven that they may, in fact, still be awful.

Texans 23-14

Cleveland @ Chicago

Both of these teams were humiliated in blowout losses last week. For the Bears this will probably light a fire under them and they'll be hungry for redemption; for the Browns, it'll just be business as usual.

Bears 28-9

Seattle @ Dallas

On paper this looks like a recipe for disaster. DeMarcus Ware going against a 4th string (might even count as 5th now) left tackle. But games aren't played on paper, they're played on the field, and sometimes at 10am PT, which is the case this week, and we all know how the Hawks do in those games .... fannnnnnnntastic.

Hawks 21-20 (wink)

St. Louis @ Detroit

I smell a Stinger.

Lions 24-14

Denver @ Baltimore

Alright Denver, you've already ruined what I thought was going to be a great draft pick. The least you could do at this point is lose out and get us something in the 8-12 range.

Ravens 20-17

San Francisco @ Indianapolis

Well it only took 3 years for that Alex Smith to Vernon Davis connection to come alive, and it will take about 4 and a half minutes for it to die.

Colts 31-13

Miami @ New York Jets

Anybody heard of this wildcat thing? It's supposed to be wild.

Dolphins 28-25

New York Giants @ Philadelphia

I heard they're combining the score from this game with the score from the World Series game later in the night. And whichever city has more ... well nothing will change, why would one game affect the other? That would be stupid. You're an idiot.

Giants 21-16

Afternoon Games

Jacksonville @ Tennessee

Oh baby, Vince Young is back as a starter. This could end up being both bad and good. It'll be bad for VY when he throws 4 interceptions, but it'll be good for all of us who have always wanted to see a real-life version of "The Last Boy Scout" opening scene.

Jaguars 17-14

Oakland @ San Diego

When I was in school this is the type of game that would come on at 1pm on CBS and I'd decide, "Well I guess it's time to do some homework."

Chargers 35-10

Carolina @ Arizona

This year the Cardinals have been much better on the road, but that's probably just because they haven't played the Panthers at home yet.

Cardinals 27-14

Minnesota @ Green Bay

Could somebody get away with assassinating Brett Favre during this game? I say yes. And I'll be banking on that Sunday as I load my gun outside of Lambeau.

Packers 23-20

Sunday Night

Phillies 5-2

Monday Night

Atlanta @ New Orleans

Saints players are starting to talk about going undefeated, which means they'll surely lose. But wait, Atlanta sucks against decent teams on the road.

Saints 34-27


Mr. F said...

Might want to think about editing that Green Bay/Minny post. You know... if things get nasty.

Fortune said...

Who needs the Sports Guy! Do you have an underdog lock of the week?

Erik said...

No underdog lock, but I did forget to make my "Wacky Pick of the Week," So here it is: Tony Romo will be so weary of letting the ball slip through his hands again that he will dry them to the point where they no longer have any moisture. This will result in a shotgun snap knocking his hands off and making them crumble like dust. However, the Cowboys will keep him in the game so as to avoid putting in Jon Kitna who has obviously been a Seahawks spy all these years.

Pete said...

As Pervitron can atest to, the NYC Marathon is happening this weekend and the NFL is an afterthought this Sunday. Pervitron and I will still try to find a quiet place to watch some quality Seahawks football.

Anonymous said...

Love the Seahawks/Cowboys pick. I think you could consider that the underdog pick...I mean, you shouldve done the Philly over Giants... yeah, that's probably more accurate. Speaking of accurate, the winds are 10-15 mph south and the weather should be cool and clear. Happy hunting.

Erik said...

When I made my Phillies pick I was under the impression that Cliff Lee would be pitching on 3 days rest. I guess I'll have to stick by it, but I'd rather not have my integrity attached to Joe Blanton ... ever ... under any circumstances.

Bobby said...

Saints 34 Falcons 7? Did you really think the Saints were gonna score 6 times, and two of those times they were going to settle for a FG?

Come on, you better than this.

wanamaker said...

When I made my Phillies pick I was under the impression that Cliff Lee would be pitching on 3 days rest. I guess I'll have to stick by it, but I'd rather not have my integrity attached to Joe Blanton ... ever ... under any circumstances.