One of the More Confusing Things I've Ever Seen

Alright, enough is enough, somebody has to bring this up. What in the world is going on with that Tyler Hansbrough AT&T commercial? I'm dumbfounded every time I see it. Here's the link to the video.

The questions I have:

-Are we supposed to know it's Tyler Hansbrough? Sure he was a famous college basketball player but do you honestly think the majority of America knows who he is when they watch the commercial? They're probably not even aware he's famous, they just think he's an unfortunate looking actor in the same vain as this guy. (Also pictured here)

-Why did AT&T decide to use Tyler Hansbrough for a phone commercial? Was there a list of athletes they wanted to use and eventually they settled on Hansbrough? If so, how big was the list? How far down do you have to go before you say, "Well I guess Hansbrough's our guy." Or was he the choice from the beginning? Were they in the pitch meeting saying, "Tyler Hansbrough helps a little girl find her dog."

-Why is he still wearing UNC gear? The guy has graduated and is now a member of the Indiana Pacers (apparently), obviously he's having some trouble letting go.

Despite all of these questions this is far and away my favorite commercial on television, I watch it every time it's on without fail. So whatever their reasoning, it worked.


Mr. F said...

Yes. Very strange, I agree. But the real question is this:

Your links... do they PROVE that Tyler is the ugliest player ever to play basketball?

Dr. Jardon? Wanna chime in?

Japeddo said...

I agree as well - one of my most favorite commercials on TV - I laugh out loud, or LOL as the kids say, every time it comes on...

However, it is puzzling - after watching it, I only learn two things -

Tyler Hansbrough is a Social Networking Genius.

He loves little black girls.

As for the ugliest player to every play basketball, my vote goes to Sam Cassell, that guy is U-G-L-Y and he does not have an Alibi.

I think that could be another post all in itself, with pictures and voting...What you think, Mr. F?

Oh and my word verification to put this comment on was "Hooker." Nice.

Mr. F said...

Strong take JapEddo

Yeah I like that... the All Ugly NBA team.,... but it would force me to think about the NBA way more than I want to.