A Moment of Silence

Walt Jones' career might be over. Let's all take a moment out of our day to appreciate his outstanding play over the years. And in the words of Vince McMahon, "If this really is the end, I would like to say thank you for the memories." (2nd time that's been quoted this week. Also funny to think about the fact that he said this to Hogan in 1992. Maybe that means Walt isn't done quite yet.)

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Mr. F said...

They look... like... big... strong... knees... don't they?

Look, all Never Ending Story references aside... Walter's the greatest of all time. But I'm not ready to close the big on the big man's career. Not yet.

Oh, and by the way, Hogan just signed with TNA Wrestling. So I'm thinking Walter's got one last ride (Belick style) left in him.