Obvious Observations

Here are a few things I noticed in the M's first series. While this may not qualify as groundbreaking analysis, I feel like these topics should be discussed or at least pointed out on our cutting edge blog:

-We're 1-3.

-The bullpen looks shaaaaaky. They blew a lead in each of the first 3 games, and they actually blew it twice in that third game. It almost makes me miss Brandon Morrow. At least he could blow a game in style.

-I like to think that Jacky Z designated Langerhans for assignment based solely on his performance this season. "Look at your average Langerhans. Sorry kid, you're not cut out for the bigs." Is there any doubt that this guy will end up in Kansas City by week's end?

-It's too bad Cliff Lee is hurt, otherwise the M's would be at least 2-2. I'm not necessarily saying that he'd automatically get a W, but if he were in the rotation, Snell's nice 1 run outing would have been pushed back to Game 3, and the 5 runs scored by the offense would have been enough to get the win. Of course, there are other variables and what not, but hey we can't deal with all that, we're not scientists ... ok, most of us aren't scientists.

-On a good note, Figgins' first AB and subsequent base-path chicanery was pretty awesome. He walked, stole 2nd, got to 3rd when the throw went into center, then scored on Kotchman's hit. It was like: Ok, great, that's exactly what we got you for. Thanks!

-And finally, Eric Chavez looks like the front-runner for cover boy of this month's Sickly Man Magazine. Yikes, what happened to this guy? Every time he came up I was just worried for him.

That's what I've got for now. Anything good that I missed?


Mr. F said...

Channeling Brody-man nooch-nooch:


Eric Chavez does look to have lost some weight. Weird. Maybe he's on some different weight training program.

It's one series, I'm not too worried. But when we have three aces in a row I'll bet we get a little better.

Hey, give em some credit... at least they didn't spike themselves.

Erik said...

I don't think I blew things out of proportion here, but I am worried about the bullpen. If we can't confidently turn over leads this season is going to suck hard.

Mark said...

If you weren't concerned before the M's suffered yet another drubbing by the first-place A's, then you'd better be now.

I can't wait to bet against the M's in Vegas. What a joke.

Mr. F said...