Updated Mock Draft (2 Rounds)

I've put the finishing touches on my 2-round mock draft. I'll make changes if anything major happens between now and the first pick. Enjoy!
Round 1
1. St. Louis – Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
I hope he’s a bust.

2. Detroit – Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
Soak it in Suh. This is the last time a national audience will ever see your face.

3. Tampa Bay – Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
I wonder if one of these two DTs will be a bust. It seems like one guy busts each time there is a debate near the top of the draft about two guys who play the same position. My money would be on Suh. Something about him makes me think he won’t live up to the hype. Ndamukong roughly translated into English means “house of bust”.

4. Washington – Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma St.
Some people are saying that Trent Williams fits the Redskins offense better than Okung. I think Okung is the better player and they’ll go with him over Williams.

5. Kansas City – Eric Berry, S, Tennessee
I was thinking the Chiefs would go with Brian Bulaga, but I’m starting to hear more and more about people being down on Bulaga. I think he’ll slip a bit and Kansas City decides to go with an impact player to improve their defense. But what’s stopping these idiots from reaching for a good 3-4 fit? Maybe they’ll grab Dan Williams in this spot.

6. Seattle – Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
I’m still not totally sold on Williams. He seems to have been on the rise during the post season and that always worries me a bit. That being said, he is an athletic tackle that can probably fit in nicely with the zone-blocking scheme.

7. Cleveland – Joe Haden, CB, Florida
They’d like for Berry to fall to them. I could see them taking Clausen, but it doesn’t sound like they’re high on him. They’ll wait and grab a QB early in round 2.

8. Oakland – Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland
Too big and athletic for Al Davis to pass on. If he doesn’t go here, he’ll probably be available for them in round 2.

9. Buffalo – Brian Bulaga, OT, Iowa
Could be Clausen, could be Dan Williams. The Bills really need a NT to anchor the 3-4, but I think they’ll grab Bulaga if he’s available.

10. Jacksonville – Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech
It will be interesting to see if they really make a play to position themselves to take Tebow in the bottom of round 1. They could make a surprise pick here and go with Clausen.

11. Denver – Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama
The knock on McClain is that he might be a two-down player and he lacks coverage skills. This could cause him to slide a bit on draft day, but he fills a need for the Broncos.

12. Miami – Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee
They need a guy to play nose tackle. I think they’ll consider Jason Pierre-Paul here, but will go with Williams if he’s still on the board.

13. San Francisco – Earl Thomas, S, Texas
I would not be happy with this pick.

14. Seattle – C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson
I’m still behind the pick of CJ Spiller, but there’s talk of him going #10 to Jacksonville, or even 13 to San Fran. But for now, I’m leaving him here. If Joe Haden or Earl Thomas is still available I wouldn’t mind taking one of those two players. Also, I think Jason Pierre-Paul would be an interesting pick. He’s a risky pick since he only played one year at South Florida after coming from junior college, but he’s a tall, athletic player with a lot of potential. Improving the pass rush here might be the best option because a good running back can be had with the 2nd round pick (Montario Hardesty, Tennessee (good fit for Hawks’ offense) or Dexter McCluster (playmaker like Spiller))

15. New York (N) – Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri
Might be looking for a pass rusher in this spot. Would really like for McClain to fall to this spot. Could be a reach for Weatherspoon, but it looks like he can be a nice MLB in a 4-3.

16. Tennessee – Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, USF
I’m not sure where Pierre-Paul is going to go. If he’s still available I think the Titans will definitely take him.

17. San Francisco – Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
Anthony Davis is a possibility here. Clausen will be one of the more intriguing storylines on Draft Day. He could go as high as 7 and he could go in to low 20’s. I think he’ll go earlier than later and if he falls to this point, someone may trade up to get in front of the Niners to take him. It would be very interesting if he drops to 18 and the Steelers. If Rapistberger is traded, they may be looking to add a QB earlier than expected.

18. Pittsburgh – Maurkice Pouncey, G/C, Florida
Maurkice Pouncey is a relentless blocker and never gives up. He doesn’t take no for an answer. He’ll have a lot in common with the QB he’s protecting.

19. Atlanta – Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan
They need a DE.

20. Houston – Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State
They need a CB.

21. Cincinnati – Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma St
Tough to say where Bryant will go. He’s a Top 10 talent, but there are concerns about his character and the fact that he basically had a year off.

22. New England – Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas
I think he’ll probably end up higher, but I had him here originally, so I’m going to stick with it.

23. Green Bay – Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers
Davis is another guy that I may have put way too low. But there have been concerns about his attitude and work ethic. He might go #8 to the Raiders. Packers could be getting a steal if he realizes his potential.

24. Philadelphia – Mike Iupati, G, Idaho
I’ve heard that Philly is interested in trading up to pick Earl Thomas. If they stay here and Iupati is available, he makes sense.

25. Baltimore – Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma
The Ravens need a TE to replace Todd Heap once he completely breaks down, which should be soon.

26. Arizona – Jerry Hughes, DE/OLB, TCU
They could use some help at this position. Interesting to see what happens if there’s a Clausen free-fall and he’s still available here.

27. Dallas – Taylor Mays, S, USC
I’d like for Mays to go in the first round. He seems like a good dude. Cowboys might be worried about taking a guy who will have the same problems Roy Williams had.

28. San Diego – Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State

29. New York – Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State
Will convert to a 3-4 DE (and may go higher because of that).

30. Minnesota – Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama
One of the best players available and fills a need. Interesting to watch these late picks to see if someone trades back into the first round to take Colt McCoy or Tim Tebow.

31. Indianapolis – Roger Saffold, OT, Indiana
Apparently they really like this guy, so I’ll run with it.

32. New Orleans – Everson Griffen, DE, USC

Round 2
33. STL – Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers
34. DET – Daryl Washington, OLB, TCU
35. TB – Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame
36. KC – Charles Brown, OT, USC
37. PHI – Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida
38. CLE – Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
39. OAK – Brian Price, DT, UCLA
40. SD – Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama
41. BUF – Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
42. TB – Chris Cook, CB, Virginia
43. DEN – Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech
44. NE – Tyson Alualu, DT/DE, Cal
45. DEN – Linval Joseph, DT, East Carolina
46. NYG – Jahvid Best, RB, Cal
47. NE – Dexter McCluster, RB/WR, Ole Miss
48. CAR – Lamarr Houston, DT, Texas
49. SF – Vlad Ducasse, OL, UMass
50. KC – Sean Lee, LB, Penn State
51. HOU – Nate Allen, S, USF
52. PIT – Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois
53. NE – Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona
54. CIN – Jon Asamoah, G, Illinois
55. PHI – Patrick Robinson, CB, FSU
56. GB – Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech
57. BAL – Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest
58. ARI – Emmanuel Sanders, WR, SMU
59. DAL – Major Wright, S, Florida
60. SEA – Chad Jones, S, LSU
I’d like for the Hawks to be able to pick up a safety here and Jones would be the best one left on the board. This pick will be a bit more interesting if they don’t grab Spiller in Round 1. I’d like to see Montario Hardesty (RB, Tennesse) as this pick if that’s the case. Another interesting pick would be Cam Thomas (DT, UNC). If the Hawks are thinking about switching to a 3-4, it would be wise to pick up a guy who can play the NT position once the transition is made.

61. NYJ – Koa Misi, DE/OLB, Utah
62. MIN – Joe McKnight, RB, USC
63. IND – Geno Atkins, DT, Georgia
64. NO – Navarro Bowman, OLB, Penn State


Bobby said...

Who cares about a draft? Its a fricken draft. I only care about sports on the field, grass, ice, court, sand, water, dirt, jello, cage, snow, and pavement. And I also care about quittage. But I do not care about drafts.

Pete said...

Sorry Bobby. The Draft is the biggest sports story going on right now. Once the NHL playoffs get underway tonight we'll switch our coverage to that. Go Avs!

Erik said...

I say we take Clausen #6 and Tebow #14 and then let them compete with each other. That competition will end up making one of them rise above the other, then we can just cut the other one. We might not have two good players, but we'll have one great one .....

WHOOPS, sorry guys, Marcus from the Hawks' Nest got a hold of my account for a few minutes there. Sorry, won't happen again.