We suck

Nope! Not the Mariners! HCM. Listen... we've been blowing it lately.

Not gonna be time for Andersen Pro Day this year. Sorry.

Also, the weight loss challenge has come and gone, and you ladies probably have been waiting for your pix... well there aren't any. But Matt won. Good job Matt.

Stick around though, cuz Draft Guru Pete has got some big things planned, and I'm sure we'll have some real DYNOMITE! draft blogging.

Thanks for the support.


Bobby said...

Ive been waiting for this post for over a year now.

Mark said...

This is the absolute worst blog. Honestly the topics are lame, and writers are lamer.

Bobby said...

Henry Cotto would be pissed to have his name attached to such an abomination but he knows nobody reads the blog so hes not that mad.

Mr. F said...

You two are lame.

Erik said...

Yeah, don't worry Finn, Bateman tried to start a politics blog (stop laughing, I'm serious) and it lasted a good 3 weeks.

Say what you will about the lack of quality, but at least we've got some longevity.

Mr. F said...

Uh oh! Bob-o fall down go boom.