NFL Picks - Week 4 Thursday

San Francisco @ St. Louis

"We want to be above reproach ..." That's a quote from Jim Harbaugh back in June in reference to player suspensions for PEDs. Apparently by "above reproach" he meant that his players (or at least the best ones) wouldn't have to face blame no matter what. At least it certainly didn't seem like much blame was being placed on Aldon Smith as he was allowed to play in last Sunday's game against the Colts about 30 hours after police found his car crashed into a tree as the result of him driving with a blood alcohol percentage of .15. In a way it's fitting that in their game with Indy the whole 49ers team looked like they were suffering a massive hangover from the week prior. I think that lack of focus, laziness, and general surly attitude continues this week. And I'm sure that after the loss Jaw Sweatshirt will have no problem finding someone else to shoulder the blame.

Rams 19-16

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