NFL Picks - Week 1 Thursday

Baltimore @ Denver

The season kicks off with a rematch of a Divisional Round double overtime classic in which Rahim Moore found out how far Joe"Flac Man" Flacco can throw a football; which turned out to be about two yards farther than Moore originally thought. Normally the defending Super Bowl champs get to open the season at home, but due to a scheduling conflict with their parking lot partner Orioles, the Ravens are forced to start on the road. It's cute that MLB would stand up to the NFL like this, it reminds me of when a small dog barks and nips at a big dog's heels until the big dog eventually just leaves out of exasperation. In those situations I'm always hoping that the big dog will just step on the little one and poop on it's head, which I'm guessing Roger Goodell could do to Bud Selig if he wanted to (now please take a moment to picture in your heads Roger Goodell holding Bud Selig down and pooping on him). But the NFL decided to let MLB have its way, so the Ravens are stuck with a trip to Denver. I expect Baltimore to stumble this season without Ray Lewis frightening the defense into playing well. Peyton Manning is still in Denver and capable of frightening his offense into playing well, so advantage Broncos.

Broncos 27-20

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