NFL Picks - Week 6 Thursday

Philadelphia @ Carolina
Cam Newton frustrated a nation last week when he performed well after making sexist comments during the week. He would have fared better in the court of public opinion if he'd simply laid an egg. However, it seems that Cam Newton is so sexist that the idea of a man laying an egg was incomprehensible to him. And so now we find ourselves here, with a match-up of 4-1 teams jockeying for position atop the NFC. Of course, the chauvinist that he is I'm assuming Newton thinks he should always be on top. Unfortunately for equality advocates everywhere I'm afraid that the home team may have the slight edge here. However, the Eagles will have a good shot if their pass rush can apply pressure, because whether or not Newton can stand the heat he most likely wants no part of a kitchen.
Panthers 23-17

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