NFL Picks - Week 5 Thursday

New England @ Tampa Bay
After falling to 2-2 (and nearly 1-3) this is normally when we'd be seeing a spate of "What's Wrong with the Patriots?" articles. Except in this case everybody knows it's their defense. In New England's four games they've surrendered 42, 20, 33, and 33. Wait a minute are those point totals or my high school locker combination?!? Merely kidding gang. I mean first of all, most lock combos are three numbers not four. Also, I'm pretty sure you couldn't have the same number twice in a row, and if you'll direct your attention back to the set of numbers in question, that's exactly what we're dealing with at the end there. And finally, what would the size of the numbers have to do with their correlation to a lock combination? Numbers below 20 would be just as likely to pop up. So to sum things up, that was a stupid question. Just as stupid as asking what's wrong with the Patriots? (Brought it back around baby! And you thought I was some sort of idiot; heh, sucker)

Patriots 38-31

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