NFL Picks - Week 7 Thursday

Kansas City @ Oakland
The Chiefs have finally lost. It's an inevitability for (almost) every NFL team throughout history, so it's not shocking. The real question now is how they respond to their first defeat. And I'm guessing it will be a complete and utter existential meltdown. At the first sign of trouble in this game Alex Smith will throw up his hands and sit cross-legged in the middle of the field, refusing to move, even when Kansas City goes on defense. The Chiefs will have no choice but to only send out only 10 other men, really hampering the game plan. That is, until Smith springs up at an opportune moment and picks off a pass. It will be an amazing play, but Smith will be so unfamiliar as to what to do with the ball that he'll then attempt to throw a pass back down-field. The whole thing will be such a mess that the refs won't even know what to rule on it, and eventually they'll just cancel the game. Whichever team is in the lead at that point will be declared the winner. Believe it or not this sort of thing isn't as rare as you might think, in fact, at least 3 games in each of the past 12 years have been canceled mid game due to overwhelming hijinks. 

Chiefs 23-16

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