Devones Girl Goes Down (but not like he was hoping)

Player 1: you know the roommate

Player 2: the hottie who nailed devone?

Player 1: yes

Player 2: go on...

Player 1: they all went up to the cabin this weekend

Player 2: great place. fun for all!

Player 1: she decides to start bonging beer at about 11.00 AM saturday morning, she falls down the stairs and breaks her ankle

Player 2: ewwww. ouch

Player 1: they take her get her all fixed up, and they head back to the cabin to continue their night, later that night she falls down the stairs again and breaks her arm

Player 2: hahaha

Player 1: hahahahahahah

Player 2: what is wrong with this girl!!!

1 comment:

Mr. F said...

She should have attended my now infamous speech in a WSU classroom on how to build and use a beer bong responsibly.