What to do with the NBA part 2

The Mark Rossolo Group
Teams I just don't care about either way...
I've got nothing for or against these squads. Let's hear what you think gang:
New Jersey Nets
Toronto Raptors
Indiana Pacers
MIlwaukee Bucks
Houston Rockets
Minnesota T-Wolves
Utah Jazz
Golden State Warriors
Miami Heat
For those scoring at home, all their point totals came out to a total of zero. Exactly! If someone can come up with a reason to care about these teams then I'll look into it.... actually every team probably could've fell into this category.


Erik said...

I'll assume that this exercise is just to fill the ever-growing demand for content, because we all know that we aren't going to start rooting for another team. That being said, the Warriors are a fun team to watch. They don't have Baron Davis anymore, but Ellis will most likely push it just as much. Plus they got rid of Matt Barnes which was their biggest detraction. Lastly it seems like they have good fans. Their biggest problem now is that they play in laegue run by fish-faced faggot David Stern.

Mr. F said...

It seems some of the gang have alreayd hit on my ultimate analysis, which is the NBA sucks now and I won't be rooting for any team. But I might continue this exercise anyhow... since it's so awesome.

wanamaker said...

Are you going to include Olympiacos in this series

Mr. F said...


Fortune said...

Im buying season tickets to the Everett Explosion. I hear there is a chance their home games will be in the JHS gym

Mark said...

The "Mark Rossolo Group"?

I have to say that i'm elated at the early attention and respect this blog is showing me.

Thank you for continuing to keep me in the minds and hearts of the millions and millions americans who read this blog religiously.