Wow, over a week without a post. No wonder no one shows up and comments anymore.

Well, look... I'd love to tell you it's gonna get better, but the next two weeks for yours truly, will be pretty meager. I'm SUUUUUUPER busy the next two weeks.

I'm gonna follow my dream. Someday Mustacheers, I'm gonna own a biiiiig sports bar...

Or maybe just a mediocre sports blog. (See that segway back to the list?)

Here's #17:


This movie is fantastic. And really marks the point in our epic(ly long) list where there's no turning back. Nothing but classics from here on out.

Trying to say something funny about this movie is tough, cuz it's almost as funny as it gets. This movie is terribly underrated. It's nonstop laughs. Like everything the South Park duo does. Put them together with the team that brought you Naked Gun (hey there's a baseball game in that movie, where was it on this list!?!?) and you have a masterpiece!

Favorite moments?

- The News reporter says "Looks like time finally ran out for the old cocksucker"
- "Mr. Squeaks, how old are you?"
- The car soundtrack
- "I don't have your fucking ball"

Too many too name.

Later players.


Erik said...

Not to be a dick or nothing, but isn't the quote:

"Mr. Squeaks, what grade are you in?"

I remember that the Andersen boys went to see this one the day that it opened. If I remember correctly we went straight home and played a few games ourselves. A frenzy of mooning psyche-outs ensued.

NY Keith said...

If you're serious about this bar thing I can put you in touch with my friend Pete. He's an expert in restaurant management and hospitality and would inject a lot of enthusiasm into your project.

Mr. F said...

Keith: thank you for the support. And while yes that would be cool, no I was not serious. I was trying to use a distorted quote from the film to serve my blogging purposes.


Erik: in reference to your pointing out of my error in quoting the film, let me (try and) quote a character from an even greater sports film (tweaked a little):

Don't worry, nobody's reading anyway.