The Ducks Suck, but...

I hate the Ducks as much as the next guy... and everyone has seen this at this point:

Well, this might shock you, but...

I don't really have a problem with this Duck. Yeah, he reacted poorly. Real poorly. But it's pretty clear that this Boise St. dude walked up and talked some shit.

What did he think was going to happen?!?!

I dunno. I'm certainly not outraged. What say you Mustacheers?


Pete said...

My thoughts exactly. The guy who should be ashamed of himself is that punk ass dough boy who got dropped with one punch. It's like the guy who spit through the sun roof in the car in front of us on Alaskan Way and then got thrown to the ground and kicked in the ribs.

Don't start what you can't finish. (this advice should also be heeded by a certain Mustacheer when ordering at McDonalds)

Erik said...

Yeah, the Boise St. guy was a punk, and if I were on his team I would give him endless shit because anybody who has watched a sports program for 2 minutes over the last 24 hours has seen him get dropped.

But when I was watching it live I just remember thinking how dumb Blount was and how embarrassing the situation became. I think he got what he deserved, he embarrassed his program on a national stage and even tried to punch his own player at one point. Apparently he was talking shit before the game, which probably instigated the BSU guy to say something afterward. I know, shocking that an Oregon player would trash talk, but it's the truth.

The guy who really deserves some punishment is the middle-aged D-bag who yells "Fuck you!" at Blount as he's getting dragged off the field. Then when Blount goes after a different fan, this A-hole runs over from about 10 feet away and takes a swing at him. Way to go pal, you really manned up and showed him who's boss.

A n D r 0 i D s said...

just another gangbanger with speed