# 20

Plenty of classic moments come from this movie. From the multiple run-ins with the Beast to Squints' pulling one over on Wendy Peffercorn (He kissed her long and he kissed her good). It also says the word "shit" once. But there are a few things that bother me when I watch it now.

1. The giant bill on Smalls' fish hat.

2. The sneaking suspicion that Squints went on to become Steve-O later in life.

3. The final scene in which Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez steals home.
This movie was made in 1993, so we'll assume that that is when this scene takes place. The story of them as kids was from 1962. Benny had to be at least 12 right? If not 13. So when you do the math that means the Jet stole home as a 43 year-old man. I find that a little hard to believe. Also, the scene would have been made exponentially better if they panned down to show that none of Smalls' radio equipment was plugged in. Of course, there would have been a whole sub-plot where it was explained that as part of Benny's contract he demanded that his delusional childhood friend be given a booth for every home game complete with a statistician so that he could believe he was a big league announcer.

But I digress. What do you guys think, could the Jet have swiped 4th base at 43?

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Pete said...

Maybe Benny rigged the steal of home too. Like they played a fake game before the real one to trick Smalls.