Tough schedule for yours truly the rest of the week:

Tonight - Fantasy Draft
Tomorrow - Fantasy Draft
Thursday - Kickball
Friday - Mommy's Birthday
Saturday - Wedding
and then Sunday.....


Needless to say, there won't be a lot of time for posts in the coming days. So what can we do?

It's not like a season prediction would do any good. It should be obvious to anyone visitng this site that the Seahawks ill go undefeated with Matt Hasselbeck winning the league MVP trophy (a surprising 200 yd day from cagey vet Edge James take the SuperBowl MVP trophy, however). So what can we do?

Let's keep it real simple. Favorite Seahawks, or Seahawks memories.

I'll get things started (looking for some Mustacheer participation here people... I'm talkin' Ex-Mariner game level)

For me... it's the Hawks Nest.

The tailgates. The finger points... "You" followed by the high fives. The randoms we know up there. The tazer chants. The season ticket holders. Old and new. Let's bring the Nest back to greatness this year.

Let's get blacked out all season!!!!


Can't wait for Sunday.



Fortune said...

A Seahawks memory that sticks out in my mind was on January 8th, 2005. The fucking Rams lucked out and beat us in the divisional round of the playoffs. That's not the part that made me want to share. It was what happened on the walk back to the car. I came around a corner and I see two guys in Rams jerseys making out.

I remember beating the shit out of them and it had nothing to do with the fact they were gay.

Erik said...

There are a few that stand out for me:

-The ridiculousness of Jay Feely missing 3 FGs. And being part of the 12 false start penalties.

-The absolute mayhem and disbelief after the Romo play.

But the best moment(s) had to be a 5 minute span during the NFC title game. First, the completion to Seneca Wallace. I remember it taking a few seconds until everybody realized who had caught the ball and then people went crazy. This was followed by the TD pass to Stevens on the next play. When the Panthers got the ball back Lofa stepped in front of "the most dangerous player in the league" Steve Smith and picked the ball off. I don't think the crowd ever got louder than that moment.

Mr. F said...

That game was clearly the best ever... and chumps at home got to hear the coolest thing Joe Buck ever said: "My GOD... It is LOUD IN HERE!!!"

Pete said...

My favorite memory from the Feely No Goody game is actually a memory that Scott likes to tell. He claims that when he came down from the Hawks Nest after the game he saw me celebrating with two random dudes and I was lifting both these guys off the ground, one in each arm.

Thankfully he usually leaves out the part about how I was watching from down there because I left the Nest in disgust.

Fortune said...

I also remember needing to have my vehicle towed after spinning out on the aurora bridge after the monday night snowstorm game against Green Bay. I had to wait about 2.5 hours for a tow truck and some dude in a station wagon pulled up thinking I just needed help changing my tire. I was furious but convinced him to drive me to 7-11 where Finn, after throwing whichever floozie was in his bed that night out, came and got me. Bros before Hos!!

Mr. F said...

It ruined my only shot at true happiness... oh well... SNOOCHIE BOOCHIES!!! er... I mean GO SEAHAWKS!!!!