#19 Hoosiers. What a curve ball! This is like, the best movie ever!!!

I've never seen this movie. I know... "WHAT!?!?!"


Explain to me why it's so awesome then.


Pete said...

I think it should be disqualified because this sports movie uses a quote from Seventeen Magazine on its poster. Not only that, but what the fuck does the quote even mean? "A legendary movie worth a dozen films"?

I wanted to like this movie, but I found it to be average at best.

Has anyone else noticed that Dennis Hopper is a god awful actor now? I think it started when he butchered whatever accent he was trying to do as Victor Drzaen on 24. He really hammered it home with his guest appearance on Entourage when he called Vinny Chase "Agwaman."

jimi said...

keeping with the theme of this website, i am very late to the party on this one, but..........this is one of my top two sports movies of all time and in the top five movies all time for me. i love it. seen it about 125 times and it just doesn't get old.