I hope she was worth it Steve

Word out of Bristol is that Steve Phillips took a page out of Harold Reynolds' book. Suspended for an affair with a production assistant. You think she's lying! How else would she know about that big birthmark on his crotch just above his penis? Putting your reputation on the line like that, being married with several children and all, you know she is freekin hot.


Erik said...

Um, was this really the girl?

Fortune said...

YES. I can get more pictures if you are finished already.

Mr. F said...

If that REALLY is the girl... well... jesus. I mean I'm sure she has an amazing personality, but let's throw that out for a second.

Is that really the piece of strange you wanna risk it all for? I mean, I know pickings are slim in Bristol, but c'mon!!! She better be a tasty little piece if you're going to chance the possibility of a ruined life.

Use your head Steve. Although... after his stint as GM of the Mets, it's pretty clear that he isn't a great decision maker.

Here's an offer for all high profile individuals: If you're planning on cheating on your wife... send me a picture and I'll tell you if it's worth it or not. If she's not even someone I'd hit on after 12 beers out in Ballard (and it's not like I have real high standards) DON'T DO IT!!!

I still don't believe that's really the girl. And if it is... poor girl. Poor Steve. But good for HCM.