The Greatest Sports Film of All Time: #1

It’s certainly no coincidence that we finish our epic countdown today. 6 months in the making. Seriously... look it up.

Today, one of the greatest of all days. A man’s birthday, who without, we wouldn’t be here right now. That man turns 50 (seriously, 50, this is too perfect, right… oh sorry). That man’s mustache was the inspiration for this “sports blog”. That man… is Henry Cotto.

Without further ado… I give you… the #1 film, in our countdown of the 50 Greatest Sports Films of All Time…

#1 Major League

You’re an idiot AND an asshole if you hadn’t figured this one out already… and actually, we’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned to celebrate the film. Buuuuut… seeing as the Wild Thing has gone bat shit crazy… AGAIN… I figured we better get this out right away before we look like TOO big of heels.

We’ve got 2 pretty epic posts that WILL get done sooner or later, and I WILL continue to use CAPS letters as a tool for EMPHASIS!!!

So without getting into too much detail about those neato surprises, I will just say that not only is this the greatest sports film of all time, but it’s my FAVORITE movie of all time. It’s the best.

Please comment… or don’t and we’ll just shut this stupid thing down.

Two underrated faves:

- Jake Taylor: IS THAT YOU TOLBERT????

- Eddie Harris: Twat.

PS I know this post is lame… but we’ve got some better stuff planned for Major League. I mean it.

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Bobby said...

never seen it. Now if you delete the entire list now future Mustachers will never know this happened.