JBK's (Jack Bauer Kills)

I've been advised to write SPOILER ALERT!!!

But don't read the fracking post if you haven't seen the episodes... Jack got another kill last night. Snuck up on and but two (or three?) bullets into newly turned terrorist Horace Goodspeed when he was about to execute Cole Ortiz.

By the way... Good work not selling out your country Cole! In the immortal words of Lex Luger... this guy is getting GOOD! Although I was holding out hope he would continue to call Bauer, Mr. Bauer for most of the season, and then when COle finely earned it, Jack would turn to him and say, "Hey... call me Jack" then exchange respectful heads nods.

Season is off to a great start.

Go Jack!

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jimi said...

who is Cole? is that Jack's future lover?.................and be very careful about motivating mr purple.