NFL Playoffs

I know! Who cares right? I sure as hell don't. But I did take a look at the teams who made it, and decided to rank who I'd be rooting for, (I'd be happy to explain myself to anyone who asks). Typically the teams I'd like to see win do pretty, preeeeeeetty, pretttyyyyyyyyy good... so good luck fellas:

1. Saints
2. Eagles
3. Packers
4. Vikings
5. Cardinals
6. Cowboys

1. Chargers
2. Bengals
3. Colts
4. Jets
5. Ravens
6. Patriots

So in other words...

I hope you're all looking forward to a Cowboys/Patriots Superbowl. YAY!


Erik said...

I personally don't like the Chargers. Their players are whiny (LDT), dickheads (Rivers), and cheaters (Castillo and Merriman). Also, most of their fans are really cocky too, even though they've never won anything. So, I'd put them lower on my list.

(I'm not sure if Castillo is still on the team. I'll double-check that.)

Fortune said...

The only thing I want to see in this years playoffs is Green Bay playing at Minnesota. Think ESPN could come up with an intriguing story line to shove down our throats? Speaking of getting shit shoved down our throats,(those who didnt skip out on this weeks game wont know what I am talking about), I had no idea that Chris Johnson had a chance to break 2000 yards and the Titans were going to do everything they could as a team to make sure he got it. I really hoped Ian Eagle and Rich Gannon got into a car wreck on the way to the airport. Even when the Hawks had the ball they would cut away to Johnson just sitting on the sidelines showing off those sweet gold teeth and his serious head twitching problem.