NFL Picks Championship Round

I'm not even sure I should be the one writing this post after 3 different people had better picks than me last week. And the only people I did better than were Fortune and Bateman, so basically I came in last place. Oh well, here's my top-notch picks!

AFC Title Game

New York Jets @ Indianapolis

Ok, so maybe I've underestimated the Jets all year. Maybe Rex Ryan is just some bad ass renegade coach who knows how to motivate his players. Maybe Mark Sanchez didn't throw more interceptions than touchdowns this year (I never should have trusted the stats on that one). And in a world where the Cardinals can make the Super Bowl, maybe this Jets team has what it takes. Nah, fuck it. I can't pick them. Have the Colts legitimately lost a game yet this year? No? Ok, I think I'll roll with them on this one. Plus, aren't the Jets basically just the Ravens with a slightly stouter defense? Well, we saw what happened to the Ravens last week. And if you didn't actually see it, the Colts dominated. And if you didn't actually see it, what are you queer?

Colts 20-9

NFC Title Game

Minnesota @ New Orleans

No matter what happens in this game, I still feel Sage Rosenfels was the right man for the job in Minnesota. Just one man's opinion.

Saints 34-24

Just like last week, feel free to post your picks as well. And see if you can out-pick the expert. But I highly doubt it assholes.


Bobby said...
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Bobby said...

My picks:

Colts 20 Jets 10

Saints 34 Vikings 24

Pete said...

Colts 27 Jets 17

Vikings 31 Saints 28

Mr. F said...

Colts 24 Jets 10

Saints 24 Vikings 21

Erik said...

It looks like Pete was the closest, BUT he was wrong about the Vikings winning. So, the next closest is Bateman, BUT it's obvious that he just piggy-backed on my picks and then "Price is Righted" me. So really, I was the best.