The 1989 Cleveland Indians

A few names in the press as of late and I thought it might be fun to take a walk down memory lane. 1989 Cleveland Indians were a magical team to be sure. A real cinderella story if there ever was one.

However, the years have not been as kind to Chief Whaoo's Tribe. The last 12 months have been especially rough.

Let's take a look...

Willie "Mays" Hays: currently serving time for tax evasion.

Lou Brown: passed away. RIP.

Jake Taylor: a victim of identity fraud. A person posing as Taylor infiltrated the dreams of others to perform corporate espionage. YIKES!

and Rick Vaughn: well... in the words of the legendary Harry Doyal, he has gone "OFF the Reservation".

Roger Dorn? Haven't heard shit! Get to work Dorn. Rob a bank or some shit. At least it gives me a chance to show this pic:

And don't even get me started on Mitchell Freedman.

Even after all that... I'd still take this crew against any other team in the league right now. Well except for this legendary squad that the M's are putting on the field in '11.

Hey!!! Baseball! Right guys!


Pete said...

Tough times for the Tribe. Even beloved announcer Harry Doyle has hit a rough patch and had two heart surgeries over the past year.

Mr. F said...

I said don't get me started. Besides, nobody's even heard of Mitchell Freedman.

# 1 FORTUNE said...

Man I miss those guys!