HCM Weight Loss Challenge Results 2011

The results you've all been waiting for... to take a look at this year's weigh in photos click here and here.

Now feast your eyes on the beefcakes as they currently exist:

In last place: Mr. Purple (no photo available) Final weight: 231 lbs. 5 lbs. lost.

4th place: Mr. Yellow (no photo available) Final Weight: 188.8 lbs. 14.6 lbs. lost.

3rd place: Mr. Red (this dude just took a body fat percentage test, and it said 13.3%... you show me where?!?!?)

177 lbs. 16.4 lbs LOST (best show ever)

2nd place: Mr. Blue (the brass ring eludes him again, but we're all still proud of him)

169 lbs. (hehe) 19.2 lbs. lost

and in his maiden HCM Weight Loss Challenge journey... this year's winner... MR. ORANGE!!!

173.6 lbs. 35.2 lbs. (and a new HCM WL record) lost!!!!

A great year by all competitors, here he is again, your champion, Mr. Orange!

Congrats on your victory!

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