35th Anniversay Seahawks team

I guess they voted on this on the Seahawks website... WHO KNEW!?!?!?

Here's the results:


Pretty solid actually. Couple of thoughts:

- I think I'd already have Leon Washington as our kick returner though, and probably punt returner.

- As much as I hate to say it, can you make a case for Josh Brown?

- John Carlson? Really? I hope he ends up that way, but there's gotta be somebody else in the last 35 years who was better. Hell, maybe even Itula Mili (sp?). BTW... did he ever pass that crap?


Mr. F said...

The list is to the right of the article.

Anonymous said...

Steve Broussard and Nate Burleson returning kicks? Did anyone actually WATCH this past season? Do I have to even mention the names Forsett and Washington?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should read the entire post before spittin' some knowledge that's already been spit....but you should throw Forsett in the mix in the interest of having a PR and a KR..........As for Carlson, I agree he has the POTENTIAL to be the best TE we've ever had (especially considering the shit heads we've always had at that position), but he aint there yet!

jimi said...

i remember when Lofa used to play for the Hawks.