Valley Road Sandys

Alright Draft Guru Pete! You've had enough face time at the top of the site.... let's get back to what folks really care about here. The HCM Weight Loss Challenge.

Now this year's competition is coming to an end, but for those of you who want a get a jump start on next year's competition, I introduce to you... the Valley Road Sandy (picture not available).

The Valley Road Sandy was invented by three young college students in Pullman, WA in roughly the year 2000. This sandwich was delicious, thought provoking, and will ultimately kill you.

I encourage you all to start making and eating these sandwiches on a daily basis so you can compete next year. Good luck to those of you who survive.

The Valley Road Sandy:

What you'll need:

- Wheat bread
- Ranch Dressing
- Cheddar Cheese
- Ham (one of those big shrink wrapped ones that nobody ever buys)
- Bacon


- Start with two slices of wheat bread, toasted.
- Apply ranch dressing to both slices of bread, liberally
- Cut two THICK slices of ham (the thicker the better), and place a slice of cheddar cheese on top (for thickness instructions refer to instructions on previously mentioned ham). Microwave the ham to melt the cheese. Time will vary depending on the girth of your ham slices.
- Once your microwave is free (preferably you have 2 microwaves) microwave 3 slices of bacon until crispy.
- Place crispy bacon slices on top of melted cheese/ham combo and cover with the second slice of toasted, ranched bread
- Slice down the middle so you can lift it.
- Complement your sandwich with a choice of frozen fried potato. The author suggests tots, but crinkle cut fries, wedges, or shoe string fries are more than acceptable.


(the authors of this blog assume no responsibility for the affect the Valley Road Sandy has on the human body, mind or general condition. Thank you.)


Fortune said...

I apologize for doubting you, you nailed it. In the words of Jack Shepard....

Mr. F said...

Build Valley Road Sandys or eat alone?

Fortune said...

I was thinking We have to go back

Mr. F said...

Yeah. That makes more sense I suppose.

But how about: "I MARRIED HER!!!!"

jimi said...

your little inside conversation is cute. "oh finn", "oh sean". "i can taste the ranch and bacon on your breath".

Mr. F said...

Nothing "inside" about VERY thinly veiled quotes from the greatest television show of all time.

Now go back to injecting muskrat urine into your bloodstream or whatever other trick you pulled out of your ass to lose weight in the Challenge this year.

# 1 FORTUNE said...