If I were a cynical, sarcastic, bitter, angry Coug fan I'd say: "great job today guys! Way to NOT embarrass yourselves! Klay... way to show up! Way to play smart D! Other guys... way to step up when Klay went out! When all else fails? Hustle and crash dem boards. Coach Bone... great on the fly adjustments! And most importantly... way to stick with it guys! Never give up, compete to last second!!!" that's what I would say. But I'm not that kind of fan. Of course not. I'm a good Coug fan. So I'll just say: "Go Cougs! And please come back everyone. Next year could be fun"

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Fortune said...

looked to me like they got to NY and the high of just being there wore off

jimi said...

looks to me like they are a bunch of filthy fucking cougs. But hey, congrats on the sweet NIT run. On the second largest stage in college basketball the cougs did well. Wait probably the third this year, the Big East Tourney was a pretty big deal. (that was fun)

here is a little link for all the baseball fans. good to hear nice things about our own....