NFL Picks Week 1 - Wednesday

Wednesday? Eff yeah Wednesday. For the first time in the history of the NFL a game is being played on a Wednesday. If that seems hard to believe, that's because it might not be true, I did not do the necessary research. And on that note we're off and running with the 2012 season! It's been 213 days since Eli Manning hoisted the Lombardi trophy ... actually, that's not true, he hoisted it 146 days ago at a promotional photoshoot, then 87 days ago at a Giants team function, and finally just last week at the 44th Annual Worldwide Trophy-Hoisting Contest where he placed 4th. But back to my original point, quite some time has passed since the last pro football game that mattered (aside from every moment Russell Wilson has been on the field this preseason).

A defending Super Bowl champion hasn't lost an opening game since 1999. Will this be the year that that streak is broken? Absolutely not! Ok, maybe that was a little forceful, in retrospect I probably wouldn't have used the exclamation point, but there's no going back now! The Giants should take care of business, but I've learned that when it comes to the NFL don't expect what you thought you once would have expected.

Giants 27-20

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