NFL Picks - Week 2

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Sunday Morning

Arizona @ New England

The Cardinals, what a bunch of assholes. I hate these jerks. Hopefully they lose. And what better team to make them lose than the Patriots. New England makes so many teams lose that they should change their name from the Patriots to the Lossmakers. Hmm, no, that would not be a good name.

Patriots 30-13

Kansas City @ Buffalo

Both of these teams laid an egg last week. Those eggs were then taken inside and used to make a terrible omelet, one that didn't even flip well; pretty pathetic. This week they'll each try to end up on the right side of the skillet. The Chiefs struggled mightily in pass defense against the Falcons, but that probably won't be an issue considering they're facing Ryan Fitzpatrick this week.

Chiefs 24-23   

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

Sadly it appears that the Battle for Ohio may be relegated to the ol' Corner Screen at the Shack come Sunday. Brandon Weeden's four interception performance in Week 1 against the Eagles makes me think that maybe he should have waited until his 30s to turn pro. Unfortunately there's no going back now, so here we are, on a runaway freight train heading for a match-up between two red-headed QBs. Did I ever think we'd see this day? Yes, but I assumed it would be hundreds of years down the road when the human gene pool becomes so mixed that red is the only remaining hair color. Why would that be the case, you might ask? ..... I'll go with Cincinnati.

Bengals 23-16

Minnesota @ Indianapolis

Last week the Vikings became the first team in the history of the NFL to make a field goal in overtime and still have to play defense afterward. I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't realize or just didn't remember that the OT rule change had expanded to the regular season. And if I was confused I can't even imagine how perplexed Donovan McNabb was. He was especially miffed because he showed up to the MetroDome earlier in the day expecting to play only to be informed by the security guard that he was no longer a member of the Vikings. As for people actually playing in this game, it would appear that Adrian Peterson is fairly healthy after his 2 TD performance against the Jags, while Andrew Luck seemed steady, yet over-matched, in a loss to the Bears. I'm going to guess that Luck gets his first win in his home debut. And by home I mean Indianapolis, this game is not literally being played at Andrew Luck's house; that would be stupid.

Colts 23-20

New Orleans @ Carolina

It became glaringly clear last week that with no extra incentive the Saints just aren't motivated. Can you imagine how lame it would be to sack a guy for free when you used to get 10 Gs for it? It's just not fun. As for the Panthers, Cam Newton struggled in Tampa, but as we all know, Newton's Law says, "If at first you don't succeed, hang in there baby," and then there's a picture of a cat hanging from something. So if we follow that edict it would stand to reason that Cam will bounce back this week, but will he bounce back far enough? Or perhaps he'll bounce so far back that he ends up falling on his face. Tough to say ... but I have to say, that's my job. (ok, here ya go)

Saints 33-28 

Houston @ Jacksonville

Great football minds across the nation were mystified last week when Blaine Gabbert managed to put together a competent game as an NFL quarterback. Many who watched the game theorized that they were actually watching their nephew play Madden on the 'Easy' setting. Those who heard the game on radio naturally assumed that it was Blaine Gabbert's birthday and they were actually listening to one of those fantasy tapes that people used to get as presents. But nay, twas actually a true contest of footballian proportions. Of course, Gabbert and the Jags lost and now they're matched up with what may be one of the best teams in the AFC. Jacksonville might give Houston a run in this one, but even some little jerk playing Madden wouldn't be able to get them the win here.

Texans 34-24

Oakland @ Miami

Do I have to? I would gladly pick against both of these teams this week, unfortunately they're playing each other, so here we are. Darren McFadden caught 13 passes last week, which would be great for a wide receiver, but for a running back it comes across as slightly troubling. If Carson Palmer manages to pass the ball further than 10 yards down field (to his own team) I think the Raiders will have a good chance. Oh, and Tannehll sucks.

Raiders 17-13

Tampa Bay @ New York Giants

The Giants' opening week loss would seem troubling if they hadn't lost their first game last season and then proceeded to win only two more games than they lost throughout the entirety of the regular season. In other words, the only time anybody should be worried about the Giants' chance of winning the Super Bowl is when they're mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. That being said they're probably screwed.

Buccaneers 22-20

Baltimore @ Philadelphia

Did anybody make a Michael Vick/Dog Pound joke last week when the Eagles visited Cleveland? If so I didn't hear about it. What a collectively missed opportunity by our nation as a whole. Of course, there's also the possibility that we've finally moved on. Either way it's a let down. Speaking of let downs, Michael Vick threw four interceptions last Sunday in a near loss to the Browns. It makes sense though, Vick's poor play was obviously a direct result of him being frightened by the Dog Pound! Now that that's out of the way we can take an in depth look at this week's game. I like Baltimore.

Ravens 26-17

Sunday Afternoon

Washington @ St. Louis

If you'll remember, in last week's post (and I recommend going over each one a few times to fully grasp them) I said I was close to picking the Rams in an upset. As it turns out, the Rams were close to picking themselves in an upset as well, but then the 4th quarter came and they got frightened because they had a lead and they weren't quite sure what to do. Meanwhile RG3 burst onto the scene in a Week 1 dismantling of the Saints. I can't wait to see what he's got planned for this Sunday. If I've learned anything from Hollywood it's that sequels are always bigger and better (I'd cite examples, but there's just too many).

Redskins 24-21

Dallas @ Seattle

In a confusing turn of events the Seahawks decided to continue sandbagging the rest of the league by losing in Week 1. That's cool, I guess, I mean I look like an asshole now, but I assume that there's a "bigger picture" mindset going on here, so one loss is no big deal. Now the Cowboys come to town for the first time since Romo - football + Babineaux = 21-20. Will Romo be traumatized by these events and immediately start convulsing and drooling like he ordered the fish for dinner the second he sets foot inside the CLink? Yes, absolutely. I don't see any scenario in which that wouldn't happen.

Seahawks 24-19

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh

I have to say, the Jets surprised me with their offensive explosion last week against the Bills. The most surprising, and disturbing, aspect of which was that Tim Tebow was not involved whatsoever. Why even sign Tebow if you're not going to use him? What a tease, just like Tebow himself. For women I mean ... Ohhhh shit. Hey, let's talk football! The Steelers were nice enough to lose to Peyton Manning in his return to the NFL but now it's time to get down to biz (or business as they say in Pittsburgh). This week I think the Jets come back to earth (pun very intended AGAIN).

Steelers 28-16

Tennessee @ San Diego

Last year Chargers kicker Nate Kaeding blew out his knee on the season's opening kickoff. This year in Week 1 he came back and nailed five field goals and shoved it right down all of our throats. Take that America! You won't have Nate Kaeding to push around anymore. Though, if you see Nate Kaeding in public odds are you could probably push him around if you wanted to, he's a very tiny man, wee even. This week San Diego has a chance to make a statement by beating Tennessee. I'm not sure exactly what that statement would be, but it would probably be something to the effect of, "Hooray, we're 2-0!"

Chargers 24-17

Sunday Night

Detroit @ San Francisco

Hey remember when these two coaches almost got in a fight over a handshake? What a couple of go-hards. The only time it's acceptable to almost get in a fight is if your honor has been besmirched or you're at a pro wrestling event. So who will prevail in the rematch between Jaw Sweatshirt and Turbo Redface? Cooler heads. See what I did there? Don't worry, you'll catch it on your second or third reading.

49ers 20-16

Monday Night

Denver @ Atlanta

Matt Ryan went off last week in a blowout win over Kansas City. Is this a signal that Matt Ryan has finally become an elite quarterback? Talk to me when you win a playoff game Matty Ice. Seriously, if you win a playoff game will you call me? That would be pretty exciting, and only the second time I've ever talked to someone after a playoff W (Steve Weatherford texted me a few times last January). As for Peyton Manning, he's back baby! And so is his back. It appears that Peyton is the same ol' gunslinger we remembered, and the good news for him is that guns are legal inside the Georgia Dome. The bad news for Manning and the Broncos is that I'm picking against them, and I went 10-6 last week, so they might as well just take a knee whenever they get the ball.

Falcons 30-24

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