NFL Picks Week 3 - Thursday

New York Giants @ Carolina

It dawned on me recently that for most of the 2012 season we'll only have to wait two days at any given time to see a live NFL game. While that's fantastic for jerks like me who make a living off of writing about football (entirely untrue) it's probably not so great for the people who actually have to play the football. To ask a team to play on three days rest might be asking too much, especially for the road team. Case in point, the home team is 10-2 in the last 12 Thursday games. Of course, this would point to a sure fire W for the Panthers. However, my recent history picking Giants games is spotty at best, shoddy at fair, and shatty at worst. I've picked 9 of their last 11 regular season games incorrectly. It's clear at this point that I should go against my initial inclination. Of course, by telling you this it basically allows me to say I picked both teams, so bully for me!

Giants 28-26

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