NFL Picks Week 2 - Thursday

Chicago @ Green Bay

It was an unusual Week 1 for both of these teams. The Packers hadn't lost an opener since 2006, before last week's home letdown against the 49ers. The Bears, on the other hand, hadn't had an opening week win since 2011! That's almost a full year without a Week 1 win! Now that they have the monkey off their back perhaps it's time for them to regain control of the NFC North. But you know what they say, "If perhaps and buts were candy and nuts it would make for an awful candy bar." I have a hard time believing that Aaron Rodgers and his crew will open the season with back to back home losses, so I'll go with Green Bay. And you know what that means everybody, say it with me, it's a ... Pack-Pick! Um, you guys didn't say it. Next time I try to create a catchphrase I'd appreciate your support.

Packers 30-27 

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