NFL Picks Week 6 - Thursday

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee

Could the Titans be the worst team in the league? You could make a strong case for yes, and if you have made that case please send it to me and I'll read it; but since we're here now let's hear mine. They're giving up a league worst 36.2 points per game. They've scored 88 total points this season with 44 coming in their one win, meaning they are averaging 11 points per game in their losses. They rank 28th in total defense and 26th in total offense. This team looks so far gone that even Matthew Hasselbeck might not be able to save them. Tennessee can at least take solace in the fact that everybody plays poorly on Thursdays so at least this week they'll have an excuse. But when will you stop making excuses Tennessee? I'm talking to the whole state now.

Steelers 26-13

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