NFL Picks Week 9 - Thursday

Kansas City @ San Diego

I've been skeptical as to the need for so many Thursday night games this season, but when a match-up like this arises the only word that comes to mind is validation. Personally, I'm not even sure if I'll watch any games on Sunday seeing as how they can't possibly match what this contest will offer in terms of high quality of play and sheer drama. So much drama, in fact, that this game should be aired on TNT, because let's face it, they know drama. But enough extolling, I mean, you don't need me to convince you to watch, you and every other American already will; now it's time for me to make a prediction. The Chiefs are unsure if they'll have Brady Quinn available to start at QB and I'm unsure if that's to their detriment.

Chargers 24-10

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