NFL Picks Week 7 - Thursday

Seattle @ San Francisco

Last week Giants' offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride remarked that 49ers DT Justin Smith, "gets away with murder" in terms of defensive holding, after which Jim "Jaw Sweatshirt" Harbaugh overreacted and made it clear that he's unfamiliar with how metaphors work. To me Sweatshirt's overboard response implicates Justin Smith even further. Why would Jaw feel the need to get so upset if Gilbride hadn't touched on something that is actually happening? To quote Doc Holliday, "I'm afraid (Jaw Sweatshirt) is just too high strung." Maybe Russell Wilson could teach him a few things about keeping it cool. The Hawks' rookie QB comes into this match-up after displaying late game poise while throwing for two fourth quarter touchdowns to beat the New England Patriots 24-23 (I'm sure you're all aware of this, but why not bring it up as much as possible?). It will be a tough task for Wilson and co. to keep the momentum going on the road on short rest; though it was also a tough task for Doc Holliday to get out of his death bed out duel Johnny Ringo, and I think if we've established anything here today it's that Jim Harbaugh is Johnny Ringo.

Seahawks 20-16

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