NFL Picks - Week 5 Thursday

Buffalo @ Cleveland

I believe in Brian Hoyer. Is he the most talented quarterback in the league? No. Is he the most athletic? No. Does he look cool? Not really. All I know is that the man's a winner. Seriously, that's all I know, I haven't watched much of the Browns the last two weeks. Can ya blame me? It seemed like they'd given up on their own season so you can't really expect me not to give up as well. But now I'm back on board, and I look like somewhat of a savant for picking the Browns to make the playoffs (feel free to throw 'idiot' in front of savant if you want, see if I care (God I hope you don't, your opinion means everything to me)). It's a foregone conclusion that Cleveland is bound for the postseason now that they've won consecutive games and I'll be laughing all the way to the bank, because I get paid for every playoff pick I get right ... by myself ... from my own bank account ... it's a little pat on the back I give myself ... because damn it, I deserve it.

Browns 20-16

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