NFL Picks - Week 1 Thursday

Carolina @ Denver 

The first game of the 2016 season is a rematch of the final game of the 2015 season. The Super Bowl. Remember? Yeah, I barely do either. It was pretty lame, let's all agree to just forget it ever happened. But I guess for the sake of argument the Broncos are defending world champions and they're starting quarterback for Week 1 is ... Trevor Siemian. Oh boy, this doesn't look promising. That's not to say that Denver had stellar quarterback play in their championship run last season, but this looks to be a whole other, worse level. We could be heading towards the biggest disaster involving a Siemian since Harambe. The Broncos should still be able to handle the lesser teams on their schedule, but Carolina is not one of those lesser teams, they're a morer team.

Panthers 17-13

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