NFL Picks - Week 3 Thursday

Houston @ New England
After an injury to understudy Jimmy Garoppolo, rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett will get the start for the Patriots. I'm not sure how he'll perform because I'm not sure that he's actually a real person so much as he is a random name generated for a future player in Madden's franchise mode. He was thrust into action last week with New England driving toward a 24-0 lead. They ended up holding on for a 31-24 win. Just comparing those scores and doing some simple addition (which is usually how I make these picks) tells me that the team was worse with Brissett at the helm. Is it possible that the Patriots win with him this week? Well this is Boston sports where anything is possible. However, against a capable Houston D, I'll bet against New England ... Which is just what Belichick would want me to do ... Well joke's on you Billy, I'm picking you to win now! How do ya like them apples? Wait, am I getting one over on him here or not? It's a toss up for me, much like this game.

Texans 20-16

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