NFL Picks - Week 6 Thursday

Denver @ San Diego
Last week I wondered what sort of fourth quarter malady would befall the Chargers next and settled on a last-second Hail Mary. It turned out to be a botched hold on a potentially game-tying field goal, a play that prompted an exasperated Philip Rivers to exclaim, "We're the bad news bears man," from the sideline. At least the Bad News Bears' manager gave them post game beers. I doubt Mike McCoy was handing out any cold ones in the locker room on Sunday, and if he was it was probably Caguama or some Belgian shit. Either way, there's no end in sight for this team's streak of confounding finishes. This week's guess: multiple Denver defensive touchdowns in the last 10 minutes followed by troubled local youth Kelly Leak ripping into the stadium on his motorbike and offering his services at QB. McCoy will oblige and give him a try and Leak will decline to wear a helmet or pads of any kind because he's a total badass. Unfortunately that hubris will be his undoing as on his first drop back he'll be obliterated by Von Miller and SERIOUSLY injured. The incident will make the NFL reexamine its rule which allows kids that look tough enough to handle the action play in games.

Broncos 27-20

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