NFL Picks - Week 8 Thursday

Jacksonville @ Tennessee
After these teams met in one of the ugliest uniform match-ups in NFL history the league has decided to run it back for another color rush game. This feels like the NFL is really thumbing their nose at us. It's like everybody telling you your new haircut is awful so then you go get the same thing a month later solely in an attempt to prove to everyone that their comments didn't bother you. Really though they crushed you inside. Everyone always says, "Who cares what other people think?" You, that's who. Praise from others is what you live for. That's why you post those cloying puppy videos on Facebook; you crave the cheap "likes," you need them. It's sad, but it's time to face the truth. Which is exactly what these teams and the league need to do. Stop scheduling these two to play each other on Thursdays. Also because we don't care about the actual games.

Titans 27-20

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