NFL Picks - Week 5 Thursday

Arizona @ San Francisco
It's been a bad past seven days for Cardinals in general. Arizona fell to a shocking 1-3 mark with a home loss to the Rams, Louisville and the Stanford Cardinal (close enough) suffered their first losses of the college football season in big time match-ups, and St. Louis was officially eliminated from National League wild card contention. Not to mention that cardinal I had to shoot in my backyard. Oh don't look so offended, it was within 20 feet of my back door, I was well within my legal right to take action. You trying to tell me that that bird wouldn't have shot me if he'd had the chance?!? Of course he would. It would have been some weird little bird gun though, so I probably would've just shrugged it off and stomped him to death anyway, but that's besides the point. The NFL's Cardinals of Arizona are now in a hole that they're no doubt anxious to claw their way out of. They should probably fly their way out instead because it would be a lot quicker. However, doing anything through the air will be very challenging with Drew Stanton starting at quarterback in place of a concussed Carson Palmer. That being said, the 49ers have been so bad against the run (worst in the league, in fact) that a heavy dose of David Johnson should be enough for Arizona to get out of Levi's Stadium with a win.

Cardinals 23-17 

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